Re: re : Multiple attacks? (fwd)

From: Hades (
Date: 02/23/96

> Well, I HAVE to give my two dimes on this too ,-)
> If you read the AD&D payers handbook you'll see that warriors are 'bound'=
> =20
> to get more attacks 2/3 per round arround level 10-15 or so, and 2=20
> arround their high levels .. So according to that it shoudl be supported.
> Losts of muds have extra attacks, and it allso adds to the differences of=
> =20
> the classes... I mean what's a warrior worth if he's only able to hit=20
> once in a round... ?
> Multiple attacks won't unstabilize the mud a lot as long as you only=20
> limit it to double (and mayb tripple) attacks..=20
> Well, those were the two dimes :)

Hey, don't let the playewrs have all the fun... give mobs extra attacks too
ya know!

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