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From: Jason Bell (
Date: 02/23/96

At 04:28 PM 2/23/96 +0100, you wrote:
>On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, MUD wrote:
>> Hey.
>> This is perhaps not what you would like to hear but I do not advise 
>> you to make warriors with heavy weapons be able to slash twice in
>> a round. This feature unbalances the game I fear. If you have ever
>> been to MUME for example you'd know that one can only pierce twice in
>> a round if he has practiced a skill named attack and carries a light
>> weapon. 
>> For at least to me it makes some sense.
>> regards,
>> margus
>Well, I HAVE to give my two dimes on this too ,-)
>If you read the AD&D payers handbook you'll see that warriors are 'bound' 
>to get more attacks 2/3 per round arround level 10-15 or so, and 2 
>arround their high levels .. So according to that it shoudl be supported.
>Losts of muds have extra attacks, and it allso adds to the differences of 
>the classes... I mean what's a warrior worth if he's only able to hit 
>once in a round... ?
>Multiple attacks won't unstabilize the mud a lot as long as you only 
>limit it to double (and mayb tripple) attacks.. 
>Well, those were the two dimes :)

I think that using the "other people do it so why can't we" arguement is
fairly unsound.  Following the AD&D handbook might be an ok idea simply
because they have spent years playtesting what is good game balance, but in
order to rely on their playtesting you would have to base the entire system
on the AD&D world.  Hardly original or condusive to good fun.  

And, we all know there are countless MUDs out there that have no balance
whatsoever and frankly suck royally.  Multiple attacks with fighters is not
necessarily a good or bad thing.  You could have a MUD with warrior eq that
really kicks so you wouldn't need multiple attacks.  Or, you could have a
mud where the Warrior eq is really not a whole hell of a lot better than the
other classes, but warriors are better at using it and therefore get more

Or, you could have an Ars Magicka system where warriors are cannon fodder
and Mages are the only real power in the game... if you work it correctly.
It's all up to the choice of the Imp.  

But, the original posted was in the right - we don't want to hear this.


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