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Date: 02/23/96

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, MUD wrote:

> Hey.
> This is perhaps not what you would like to hear but I do not advise 
> you to make warriors with heavy weapons be able to slash twice in
> a round. This feature unbalances the game I fear. If you have ever
> been to MUME for example you'd know that one can only pierce twice in
> a round if he has practiced a skill named attack and carries a light
> weapon. 
> For at least to me it makes some sense.

On my mud we are working on adding upto 5 attacks for a warrior and 3 
attacks for thief, Mages will only get 2 and clerics 1. 
You can try a mud that has been up for a very long time at 7777
HexOnyx Mud
Thay have the multi-attack skills in warriors and thief classes.
Thay also have a spell called 'haste' for mages that will let a mage
do 2 attcks, and with multi-class, if you do it right you can have upto
5 attacks. And really, the people like it, you sorta need it with the 
mobs that a lot of builders give you.

My mud is closed right now 'upgrades' but it is at 3557


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