Re: CircleMUD problems

From: Nova Logic (
Date: 02/23/96

Hmm, I have gotten Circle 2.2 and 3.0bpl7,8,9 to compile and run/shutdown 
fine on a few UNIX, AIX and Linux systems.
Unsure, try looking at the autorun script, if you can't see anything, 
make, by hand, the .killscript file, then 'reboot' the mud 'i never had 
to shut a mud down like that, do i don't know if you really have to 
reboot or not.' then as for the config.c, attach it to a message and 
e-mail it to me, I'll reply with anything that i see wrong, if i don't 
find nothing, take it up with your SysAdmin.

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On 23 Feb 1996 Tali' wrote:

> Date: 23 Feb 1996 11:34:34 EDT
> From:Tali'
> To:
> Subject: CircleMUD problems
> I can't get shutdown DIE to work...I used autorun & and when I went to
> shut it down the best I could get was a reboot...It just doesn't shut
> down. Also changes to the config.c wont make...what do you think the
> trouble is
> Tali'

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