Re: Circle 2.2 & Auto Directions

From: King of the Pride Lands (
Date: 02/25/96

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Tom Balfe wrote:

> I have compiled Circle 2.2 on a P90 Linux box. Is there some way to add 
> auto directions like I have seen in other Muds??

	Do you mean make the thing automatically list the exits?
In circle 3.0 you use autoex
> Also, the autorun script doesn't seem to work with Slackware 3.0 and 
> kernel 1.2.13.

	Well, try these:
Type './autorun &' in the autorun dir
Type '/bin/sh autorun &' in the autrun dir.
I run Circle off a Linux 1.2.8 machine and the script works fine.
I'm using TCSH...  This is probably a shell problem.
Steve Conley
Lord Xan the Implmentor of VirtualWorldsMUD ( 8000)

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