Input overflow

From: Aslak (
Date: 02/26/96

I believe someone recently had a similar problem, so if there are answers 
flowing about, please let me know!

The mud crashed (again), this time with this error in the syslog:

process_input: about to close connection: input overflow
Closing link to: Barabas

Where Barabas was an immortal using online creation. Problem is I use 
both Samedi's olc, and a menudriven olc, the one with redit and iedit 
available at jhu. (There are no credits in the source code, and I don't 
recall the name of the tarred file... )

At least, if someone could point out where process_input lies, I could 
check into it I guess, but being no C-wiz....

I use bpl8 by the way.

Thanks, Aslak

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