Re: Input overflow

From: Nova Logic (
Date: 02/27/96

> I believe someone recently had a similar problem, so if there are answers 
> flowing about, please let me know!
> The mud crashed (again), this time with this error in the syslog:
> process_input: about to close connection: input overflow
> Closing link to: Barabas
> Where Barabas was an immortal using online creation. Problem is I use 
> both Samedi's olc, and a menudriven olc, the one with redit and iedit 
> available at jhu. (There are no credits in the source code, and I don't 
> recall the name of the tarred file... )
> At least, if someone could point out where process_input lies, I could 
> check into it I guess, but being no C-wiz....
> I use bpl8 by the way.

I use the same menudriven olc and i have run into quite a few bugs/crashes.
First, it dosen't like to write the .obj files without putting a few 
higher ASCII chers in there 'yes, ANSI higher' and i can't even get pico 
to write anything like thay, but i have had to trash 3 obj files in the 3 
weeks i'v been useing that olc.

Also it will crash the mud if more then one person is editing the same 
zone obj file 'i.e Skolnick is editing obj 7022 and Al doing obj 7045'.

Then 3 times, it would end in a error a lot like the one you have.

What I am going to do is get a coder, a good one, and have them make a 
new OLC, Or, you can try the new circ-olc v2 patch at
'olc_patch_v2' or something like that, i just installed it last night.

Hope this helps any others with that OLC.

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