Re: search rent

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 02/27/96

   Okie, I've got an idea for special objects called "artifacts" i'd like
   to put on my mud...however, I'd like the loading of these to be limited
   to one at a time (not simply reboot-only)  In otherwords, if one person
   has the item in their rent file at reboot, it will not load the item.
   This would require the mud to search through each player's rent file to
   make sure that item is not already "owned"

   an idea how i can do this?

How about just storing a special file for artifact objects.  Every artifact
gets an entry which tells, among other things, whether there is one in 
existance, and who owns it.  
And change the routines that load/delete objects to check if its an artifact 
and update the artifact file accordingly.

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