Re: descriptor help needed

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 02/27/96

>   tch = NULL;
>   for (d = descriptor_list; d; d = d->next) {
>    if (d->character)
>       if ((GET_LEVEL(d->character) > lvl)&&(GET_LEVEL(d->character) < LVL_HERO))
>         {
>         lvl = GET_LEVEL(d->character);
>         tch = d->character;
>         }
>   }

Firstly, the "tch = NULL;" is not neccessary (I don't believe so anyhow, 
because if there's no-one on, "tch = descriptor_list" will equal "tch = 

"connected" is ZERO (0) when the person is playing.  There are so many 
loops in the code that do this same thing, you should check for similar 
things in the code before asking here (but I digress).

Here's how I'd write the code (I actually DID write this code before, I 
made it a seperate function because I wanted to use it more than one 

int HighestLevel (int Max) 
  int lvl = 0;
  struct char_data * tch;
  struct descriptor_data * d;

  for (d = descriptor_list; d; d=d->next)
    if ((tch = d->character) && !d->connected)
      if (GET_LEVEL(tch) > lvl && GET_LEVEL(tch) < Max)
        lvl = GET_LEVEL(tch)

  return (lvl);

Then you can drop this code in any thing that searchs for a person UNDER 
level Max, this adds some functionality; in my code I used a minimum and 
maximum.  It's not that difficult... :)

Daniel Koepke

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