Re: Shared Memory

From: Mark Andrew Crichton (
Date: 03/02/96

>    ofcourse write a function that gets the value later...
>    which I've written a short time ago...
> Whether you call a blocking function at login or later, the single threaded
> mud will still be lag'd until either the function times out or a value is
> returned.
And here is the crux of my problem.

Threads are great, but 1) Linux doesnt have them unless I use pthreads.(*)
2) Pthreads hasnt made to EVERY platform yet...and it seems like thread
implementations aren't standard yet...

So..I'm thinking since most systems support shared memory, that would be a
logical way to go.  Sort of kludge-ish...but I think it is something of the 
right thing to do.

Correct me if I'm wrong here..
Mark Crichton

(*) Yes, I know Linux 1.3 has clone() slowly supporting threads..but I can't
base adding features to a mud where I might not have a development Linux
kernel on.  Then I have all these ugly reentry problems to worry about with
threads...course, I might have them with shared mem... :)

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