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From: Christopher M. Lee (
Date: 02/29/96

At 11:53 PM 2/29/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Well, lame subject, but what the hell :)
>I'm thinking of some way to make all those similar objects in a 
>room/inv/container be sorted in a way so that if there were 10 short 
>swords and 2 daggers in a room that they'd be displayed like this:
>[10] You see a short sword lying here.
>[ 2] You see a finely crafted dagger lying here.
>Did anyone make this allready, and if so, could I get a copy of i, or at 
>least a description of how to do it, as my only Idea is building 
>something with an endless looping structure (allmost :) sorting the 
>objects in the room every time, and then grouping them together in a 
>[num] line ...
>Any help is greatly appreciated,

ROM already does this.  You may want to download the code and take a look.
I am planning on doing this but have not had the time.  If you do find the
answer please let me know as it is something that I wish to do.


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