Re: Shared Memory
Date: 02/29/96

>    Also, anyone know where I can get a non-blocking ident (RFC1413) protocol 
>    handler?  I think the one I currently have is a blocking type (grrrr.....) and
>    it is slowing things down at login (since I do ban control based on login@site
>    as well as the standard sitebans etc.)
> Again, I don't believe that you can do this with a single threaded mud.  Your
> only option would be to set a shorter default timeout for the pident thing,
> risking that the call would not identify the user.  There is no way to have
> it non-blocking and still have it wait until it gets a value.  Unless you 
ofcourse write a function that gets the value later...
which I've written a short time ago...
I'll mail my last version of it to the list as soon as I got the time...


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