Re: [ xxx ] object listing

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 03/01/96

   I'm thinking of some way to make all those similar objects in a=20
   room/inv/container be sorted in a way so that if there were 10 short=20
   swords and 2 daggers in a room that they'd be displayed like this:

   [10] You see a short sword lying here.
   [ 2] You see a finely crafted dagger lying here.

   Did anyone make this allready, and if so, could I get a copy of i, or at=20
   least a description of how to do it, as my only Idea is building=20
   something with an endless looping structure (allmost :) sorting the=20
   objects in the room every time, and then grouping them together in a=20
   [num] line ...

If you sort the object list by whatever field you want to group them as you
build the list, then that display should come quickly and easily.  But if
you do it by vnum, be careful with things like corpses, which have vnum -1
(i think).

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