Re: Shared Memory

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 03/01/96

   >    ofcourse write a function that gets the value later...
   >    which I've written a short time ago...
   > Whether you call a blocking function at login or later, the single threaded
   > mud will still be lag'd until either the function times out or a value is
   > returned.
   And here is the crux of my problem.

   Threads are great, but 1) Linux doesnt have them unless I use pthreads.(*)
   2) Pthreads hasnt made to EVERY platform yet...and it seems like thread
   implementations aren't standard yet...

In fact, the pthread spec is quite standard, namely, POSIX Threads x.x.x
or whatever the numbers are.  Sun has a pthreads package, and Chris Provenzano
at MIT has a useable beta version right now.  Threads are not going to go away,
I think soon that any internet server software will use them. Then soon
as multiprocessors become more commonplace, the Linux kernel itself will become
multithreaded.  I don't think you'll regret using threads.  Plus, they are
much more efficient than using multiple processes.

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