CircleMUD License

From: Jason Bell (
Date: 03/02/96

The Following is a direct quote from the CicleMUD License:

>You must not solicit or accept money or other donations
>in exchange for running CircleMUD. You must not accept
>money or other donations from your players for purposes
>such as hardware upgrades for running CircleMUD. 

Ok.  I have a question about the above.  I'm a frequenter of a MUD that has
recently started accepting donations.  They are not in any way requiring or
even asking for donations, but in response to some queries by players they
have set up a "Donations Account".  In recognition of donations made by
players there is a short notice thanking the players from the Imp staff on
the main board.  In one thank you they specifically state that they were
able to use a substantial donation from a certain player to buy two megs of
RAM for the system.

I, personally, do not have any problem with this.  I was for a long time a
member of The Seirra Online Network and paid substantial fees to play on
their system.  I have in the past donated to various BBS's in response to
their hard work.

I was wondering, however, if the actions of the unnammed mud were in fact in
violation of the Very Loose restrictions that Jeremy has seen fit to
accompany CircleMUD source code.  I have seen Much stricter licenses, and
think that his is in all ways fair.


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