Re: OLC troubles

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 03/03/96

> Remember all...
> This redit/iedit 'circ-olc.tar?' only has redit/iedit
> i.e, You may only edit rooms, much to the name its self, it is not made 
> to install or even add rooms, it will not even think about zones, hell, 
> it don't even know what a zone it!

Err, actually it does add rooms, just not new zones.

> My mud has been up in texting for 2 
> weeks now, its bpl8 with circ-olc and the v2 patch on the olc 'you can 
> get that at where the rest of that cool stuff is'

Cool, I'll have a look for it.

> But anyways, i had all my imms make a room...But if they wanted doors, 

Whoa, wait a sec.  I didn't say MAKE doors, I said that was the error
message you get.  What really happens is the OLC creates a room and
sticks it in the database, but doesn't tell the zone_table it  has done
it.  So when the zone resets, it trys to close doors in the wrong rooms,
i.e. where there arn't any... This happens with every zone that has a 
higher VNUM than the one you were working on.

> > I expect much the same problem applies to 'iedit' but I haven't
> > looked into that yet.
> Hrm. ugh!
> Iedit, hmm, items/objs don't have zone files, so you won't get no 'door 
> not found' errors :P 

True, but the zone file does include which objects to load where, so
this time you get mobs reseting wearing invalid objects and lots
of funky "NULL objec/char passed in object_to_char" error messages.
I'm still working on this one.

> If you find someone is in the olc and you want to use it, wate, if i find 
> that 2 people have been on olc at the same time, the last person to enter 
> the olc will get put on ice and banned!

You could make OLC flag the fact that it is already in use, and
automatically prevent re-entry.

> > Anyhow, If your mud gives you lots of 'door does not exist' errors
> > after using OLC, this is probably the cause.  If anyone wants the fix,
> > let me know.
> Fix? how would you fix that without the olc loading a door into the game, 
> and telling it how to edit the zone file? if you had done this, grats!
> Send it over via e-mail, i'd love to see it..

I wish I had.  I've only fixed the bug, and so far, only in redit.
Once I've got the bugs out of iedit I may start work on a medit and
zedit.  Urgh.  Anyone already made a start on these?


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