Re: compiling circle

From: Erik (
Date: 03/08/96

On Fri, 8 Mar 1996, Brian Elliott wrote:

> I have just recently tried to compile Circle v. 3.0bpl9 under Linux and have 
> been unsuccessful numerous times.  When I attempt to "make", it exists on 
> an "Error [2]" after not being able to find various include header files 
> in linux/ and asm/.  I have only limited hard drive space, so I have only 
> installed the A, D, and N disks of Linux thusfar.  I was under the 
> impression that this would be all I needed to compile Circle. (or so I 
> had heard from several experience imps)  Now, it found all the other 
> header files, except those located in those two directories.  Do I 
> perhaps have to install other disks of Linux that I've neglected?  I 
> would appreciate it if someone more experienced than I could perhaps 
> answer this question.  Thanks.
> -Brian Elliott <

   I had similar problems, and heres how I fixed them...
Configure is nice, but doesn't seem to find everything that is there. So 
look in config.cache and jot down all the files it looked for, and marked 
as "no". Then either whereis them, or check the man pages for their 
existance on your machine. If you can find them, change those lines to 
read "yes", then rerun make. I found two that config missed...

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