Re: compiling circle

From: Me (
Date: 03/09/96

>I have just recently tried to compile Circle v. 3.0bpl9 under Linux and have 
>been unsuccessful numerous times.  When I attempt to "make", it exists on 
>an "Error [2]" after not being able to find various include header files 
>in linux/ and asm/.  I have only limited hard drive space, so I have only 
>installed the A, D, and N disks of Linux thusfar.  I was under the 
>impression that this would be all I needed to compile Circle. (or so I 
>had heard from several experience imps)  Now, it found all the other 
>header files, except those located in those two directories.  Do I 
>perhaps have to install other disks of Linux that I've neglected?  I 
>would appreciate it if someone more experienced than I could perhaps 
>answer this question.  Thanks.

I was origionally under the same impression.  But that is not true.  You
must install disk set K as well.  I did and it fixed the problem under bpl8

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