!MAGIC flags from objects to rooms

From: Pink Floyd (floyd@south.mit.edu)
Date: 03/09/96

I have two comments on this whole business of having anti-magic objects
make a room anti-magic.
First, implementing it is trivial.  Just keep in mind that for the price of
one or two bytes extra, you can save a large amount of wasted processing.
That is, I doubt you want to run through the inventory of everyone in the 
room everytime someone moves... by keeping track of an object only when it
changes its state (by spending a byte) you can accomplish the goal much
more efficiently.
Second, these objects had better be damned rare or else every magic user on
the mud will be rendered impotent.  All players will end up carrying one of
these objects around and will have perfect magic resistance...

Ok, I've spewed enough.

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