Re: Corpse Looting

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 03/09/96

   I greatly appreciate all the responses to my room bitvector post and now 
   I have just one more question. We are having major problems on Quarantine 
   involving corpse looting. What I would like to do is log when a player 
   takes an object from another's corpse. Logging the get from a corpse is 
   easy, but how do I distinguish between PC and NPC corpses since all 
   corpses are in the *corpse list, and are not segregated by player or NPC 
   types? Logging every item taken from every corpse is ridiculous. Anyone 
   have any solutions? Hacks are appreciated too :-)

As you surely know, the object structure has a field 
int value[4]
somewhere in it.  As you also must have discovered in your own tries at
solving this problem, when a corpse is made it sets one of the values, 
value[3] I believe, to a certain value signifying that the container is a 
corpse and nothing may be put into it.  With little or no creativity, one
can imagine slightly modifying the system so that the number not only 
represents _whether_ the object is a corpse, but even what _sort_ of corpse
it is!  
I can see how this terrible problem could have stumped you, its quite 
No, seriously though, wouldn't it have been more satisfying if you had simply
thought about it for, say, 5 seconds, and discovered the solution yourself?

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