Re: zones swapping out

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/10/96

> Has anyone develped a system to swap zones out of memory when not
> in use for such and such a period and then load them on demand when 
> a player wishes to enter one of these zones? (to save memory)
> If anyone has any suggestions or has actually coded such a system
> I would be higher interested in hearing your thoughts on it. 
> If we get the whole mailing list working on this problem we could
> make it a perment function of future circle mud releases...which 
> would be really cool...
> What's everyone think about the problem?

This has been suggested before; generally, I think it's a bad idea because
your OS already does swapping and paging, and the designers of most OS's
have spent a lot more time thinking of good algorithms for that than I'm
willing to. :-)  Why should applications worry about paging when OS's
do it for us?

If you want to idle zones, the best thing to do is to prevent mobs from
being updated at all in the zone.  Not only does that cut CPU usage
significantly, but it will allow the OS to swap the entire zone out if
necessary since it's not being accessed at all.


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