Re:What's the diff?
Date: 03/11/96

Wyatt J. Bode wrote:
>   This is a _REALLY_ basic question, please do not flame me on this...
> Can someone tell me an easy way to use the "diff" command to upgrade to pl10?
> I always get confused by those nasty man pages that scroll off my screen 
> at warpfactor 9... Thanks in advance!!!
    Not too hard.. Just type diff circlebpl9/src circlebpl10/src 
(assuming that bpl9 and bpl10 are in the same directory) from the 
directory that both versions of circle are in.  This will give you the 
name of every file that is in one version and not the other, and also the 
differences between every file that has the same name in both directories.
As this list will be very long, you will want to pipe it to a file, 
somewhat like this:  diff circlebpl9/src circlebpl10/src >> changes9to10

Hope that answers all your questions..

Jared M. Lemke aka Pegasus

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