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Date: 03/11/96

hmm Yes I agree with this IF the equipment bought with the donated money 
ends up being the property of the ppl running the mud. However say for 
example it was clearly stated that the equipment belonged to the mud - as 
opposed to the owner of the mud and in the event of the mud ceasing to 
exist it would go to the machine the mud was on. Now in this case they 
are giving money to the machine owner for the service provided.
Further more say for example that the machine is part of a cluster of 
machines running a BBS - that the people playing the mud use. In this 
case if the hardware (lets call it simms as thats what it's most likely 
to be) went to the BBS - ie donations for the bbs were received on behalf 
of the mud and the memory from this adventure went in the machine the mud 
was running on (owned by the bbs) then how do ppl thing that one would work

It's a hypothetical case but you could technically argue that they are 
donating to the mud still but on the other hand it's not going to the ppl 
who run the mud it's going to the bbs that most of the players on the mud use
So do ppl and particularly jeremy think a situation like that would be a 
breach of the CircleMUD licence?


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On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Ali Eslami wrote:

> >>     I think the words are pretty clear, but don't just think about Jeremy
> >>here.  There were 5 other people that made the DikuMUD that Jeremy now
> >>continues to develop as Circle.  That is also a violation of their
> >>license, which is more specific about things like that if I remember
> >>correctly.
> >>
> >But do any of the original DikuMUD programmers care anymore?
> Far be it from me to speak for ALL the people involved with Diku, but 
> unless they have specifically changed the license, it still holds.  I 
> know Sebastian Hammer, for one, still cares, there is a Diku called 
> "Medievia" which violated the Diku license.  They started selling 
> equipment under the guise of "donations"...  basically, it is too costly 
> to prosecute, but _I_ (and any responsible Diku/Circle player) will 
> boycott any MUD that violates the license.
> So any place that accepts donations is getting paid for the work of JE 
> and the Diku team, who have not gotten a cent for all their work.

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