License Diku / Circle

From: Ali Eslami (
Date: 03/04/96

>>     I think the words are pretty clear, but don't just think about Jeremy
>>here.  There were 5 other people that made the DikuMUD that Jeremy now
>>continues to develop as Circle.  That is also a violation of their
>>license, which is more specific about things like that if I remember

>But do any of the original DikuMUD programmers care anymore?

Far be it from me to speak for ALL the people involved with Diku, but 
unless they have specifically changed the license, it still holds.  I 
know Sebastian Hammer, for one, still cares, there is a Diku called 
"Medievia" which violated the Diku license.  They started selling 
equipment under the guise of "donations"...  basically, it is too costly 
to prosecute, but _I_ (and any responsible Diku/Circle player) will 
boycott any MUD that violates the license.

So any place that accepts donations is getting paid for the work of JE 
and the Diku team, who have not gotten a cent for all their work.

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