Re: License Diku / Circle
Date: 03/04/96

I'll play Devil's advocate here for a moment, since I do respect the 
licensing agreement (It's their software, they make the rules) and in 
no way promote violating it...

>So any place that accepts donations is getting paid for the work of
>JE and the Diku team, who have not gotten a cent for all their work.

If this is someone running a mud on a university computer, at no cost 
to themselves, I would agree with you (Excluding the time they put 
into working on the MUD, but this is negligable since most people do 
it because they really enjoy it). However, someone like myself 
who has their own internet site at their house would be able to 
offset some of the cost of running the site if they were able to 
accept donations. One of the main reasons I built my site was to set 
up and run a MUD, as I have been an avid fan/player for years and 
always wanted to run one myself. I am probably going to get an ISDN 
backbone connection in June, which is costing me $1300 for the 
router, $500 setup fee, then approx. $450 a month after that to have 
the site. It would take a hell of a lot of donations to turn a 

But the point is moot really - The agreement says you may not charge 
or accept donations. Like it or not, if you want to run CircleMUD, 
those are the rules. 

- Brian

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