Re: Circle 2.2 & Auto Directions
Date: 03/04/96

>Has anyone tried merging (via CVS or by hand) pl9 into a 
>version of pl8?  How difficult did it turn out to be?  How stable was the
>resulting server?  In what areas of code did the merge become tricky?

That's exatly what I did....
It was a pain in the neck.

BUT, it did teach me to be organized in my coding and to fully remark 
everything I code for the rest of my life ::grin::

It actually wasn't too hard. I did it by hand, it took me 8 hours. 
What I ended up doing was this - I Diff'd my modified pl8 code 
against a "stock" pl8, the results being everything I'd changed in 
pl8. Then I manually put that code into pl9.  The results? Actually a 
better server, and fully documented changes. While moving the code I 
was able to fix little things in my code which I hadn't noticed 
before. Also, I remarked EVERY section of code I changed or added. 
This will make it a heck of a lot easier in the future to move the 
code from patch level to patch level.

One thing though - Unless you are a VI god and like popping back and 
forth between files, you really need Xwindows, or be able to FTP the 
files back and forth from a windows machine. You really need to be 
able to look at your old code, the stock code, and the new code to 
make sure you don't miss anything.

- Brian

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