OLC: Yep it has been done and a note to jeremy (ignorable to most)

From: The Darkest Soul... (df109@city.ac.uk)
Date: 03/12/96

Apologises this is not technically a "proper" posting to the list.
It basically expounds upon the fact that olc can be done and has been 
done the way jeremy is doing it at the moment. And the rest is drivel 
sort of offering a copy of NewDawn code to jeremy (yeah probably code 
offer 50 million he's received - but I aint currently willing to release 
our olc to anyone bar jeremy ;P)

if ppl remembered ages ago I said that we at NewDawn (cunning little 
place that hides away and hasn't signed up as an existing circlemud coz I 
don't think ti's good enough yet - despite being into version 2 and 
having fully working olc - with possibly some bugs still floating around 
in it. My advice on olc is to wait till jeremy finishes work on his.
As previously said jeremy you're welcome to have a look at how dave (dio) 
has done olc and other stuff in NewDawn - in fact we sent you a large bug 
report for patch 8 if you remember as well as other info and things

Anyway as then I don't want to release the olc or other bits as although 
it is stable there are sill some things in it that could be done better
And there isn't detailed help on it. Suffice to say I prefer not to give 
it to ppl then have the hassle of ppl wanting me to get updates done or 
better documentation etc

So why did I write this note/letter? Well really to answer that yes it 
has been done - so you know it can be. I refuse to release any of the 
code without dave (dio's) agreement as he wrote most of it whereas I just 
own it etc. The only offer that does stand is if jeremy would like to 
look at it to see how dave did stuff (using the same method that jeremy 
is currently progressing along I believe). Anyway I won't be suprised to 
get no reply as can understand someone wanting to do it all themselves 
and solve they're own problems - however if you would like to look at it 
(jeremy) then feel free - no strings attached naturally as after all 
we're based on your code to start with :-) Only thing would be that if 
you did use any of it to credit Dave for the relevant bits (which I 
assume is probably why you won't reply as at a guess you'd prefer to do 
it yourself).
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On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Nova Logic wrote:

> On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Harvey Gilpin wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I seem to remember someone mentioning they were having trouble with
> > the OLC from jhu.  Their muds were crashing for no apparent reason.
> > Well, I've just down-loaded and inserted it into Circle3pl9 and 
> > found a bug in it.  It doesn't update the Zone Reset Table when
> > adding new rooms to the world data (with redit).
> Remember all...
> This redit/iedit 'circ-olc.tar?' only has redit/iedit
> i.e, You may only edit rooms, much to the name its self, it is not made 
> to install or even add rooms, it will not even think about zones, hell, 
> it don't even know what a zone it! My mud has been up in texting for 2 
> weeks now, its bpl8 with circ-olc and the v2 patch on the olc 'you can 
> get that at cambot.res.jhu.edu where the rest of that cool stuff is'
> But anyways, i had all my imms make a room...But if they wanted doors, 
> they would have to mail me, You MUST, **MUST**, edit the zone files off 
> line, if you don't know how to do this, get your builder to, if you dont 
> have a builder, and don't know how to do this, why are you running a mud? 
> *smirk* but that OLC will NOT do nothing with the zone files, it will 
> also give you enough syserrs 'online' to spam anyone off, so after you 
> add a room with redit, you must reboot, if you add a door, i't do 
> 'shutdown pause' to give myself time to edit the zone file with the door 
> so i don't make the mud go crazy 'and myself'.
> > I expect much the same problem applies to 'iedit' but I haven't
> > looked into that yet.
> Hrm. ugh!
> Iedit, hmm, items/objs don't have zone files, so you won't get no 'door 
> not found' errors :P But forever, look out for more then one person in 
> the editor at a time, this is how it works...
> NovaLogic types iedit 3010
> then he gets in the editor
> the olc take the whole file, and load it into system RAM, and your stuck 
> with a xxx.obj file thats 0 bytes long on your hard drive.
> Sooooo, if you got 2 people in edit, then by chance someone fooks up, 
> you'll loce your obj file and run a chance of a nice mud crash, that 
> happen to me 3 times befor it hit me 'MAKE A OBJ/WLD BACKUP!!!'
> you can make objs, then use them right away with them acting as thay 
> would if you made then off line, but i use this in my mud imm handbook as 
> a rule...
> 19)
> If you find someone is in the olc and you want to use it, wate, if i find 
> that 2 people have been on olc at the same time, the last person to enter 
> the olc will get put on ice and banned!
> > Anyhow, If your mud gives you lots of 'door does not exist' errors
> > after using OLC, this is probably the cause.  If anyone wants the fix,
> > let me know.
> Fix? how would you fix that without the olc loading a door into the game, 
> and telling it how to edit the zone file? if you had done this, grats!
> Send it over via e-mail, i'd love to see it..
> Nova

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