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From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 03/14/96

	Sorry bug you folks on the list but I had a hopefully easy 
question, I was using a quite modified Circle3.0bpl9 source and patched 
in most of the updates in bpl10, including the helpfiles, so far 
everything compiles fine, but when I run the game I get a fairly 
ambiguous error.

"error reading help file: not terminated with $?"

	I've put all the new patches in for get_one_line and all the 
db_boot stuff (load_help, etc), anyway it appears to be finding the 
index, but choking when it trys to read the help file.  I'm still using 
my old helpfiles because I've added alot to them, but instead of them 
ending with #~ I changed it to #'\n'$ - which is what I thought the new 
format needed to end with.

	Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, otherwise 
I'll just go back to the old format.

	-Thanks in advance,

Sean Mountcastle
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