A couple of typos and a bug(?)

From: Jander (gjerde@plains.nodak.edu)
Date: 03/14/96

There is a typo in do_display I think (I can't remember)
There is a "mosters" somewhere, just search for it.

In do_auto_exits in act.informative.c there is a line with 2 ;'s on it.

Also if you it ctrl-c while on the mud, it "locks" up your session, and 
you can't do or type anything.  Well, you can type, but the mud doesn't 
see it.

It happens both on my mud and also the "semi-official" circle mud running at 
berkeley.  So it's either a bug with circle or it has something to do with 
telnet.  I'm not sure which.

Ole Gjerde
Homepage: http://www.winternet.com/~gjerde
Email: gjerde@plains.nodak.edu, gjerde@winternet.com, jander@fix.bbs.no
Studying Computer Science at North Dakota State University

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