I want to change maximum levels, help please.

From: Fionn Colvin (fcolvin@neumann.une.edu.au)
Date: 03/19/96

Hi all,
       I've just started making my first MUD based on the fantastic CircleMUD
3.0 code. What I would like to do is make the maximum number of levels 50,
rather than 30 at present. I know I have to change the level for IMPL, GOD, etc
in the structs.h file and update the levels in class.h. I hav't gone ahead with
it yat however as I was wondering what would happen to my Implementor character
when I up implementor to 55th level. Will he automatically become 55th level?
If not will he still be a wizard, in that case I can advance him to 55th. If
he is not a wizard how do I make him one? 

Three other question, which I know are a bit broad and probably a bit stupid,
but how do i make people able to rent in my reception in my inn? How do I make
a banker? How do I make guildmasters in my different guilds?

Help on any of the questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Fionn Colvin

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