Re: I want to change maximum levels, help please.

From: Angus A. Mezick (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 03/19/96

in reply to Fionn Colvin <>
before I even get into this, a couple of tips.
1) read the code, understand how it works
2) read the code, understand how it works

a lot of the basic function that you will need are already there...

as to what will happen to your IMPL, it will become a mortal,  you will
either need to delete the players file and then type touch players, or put
in a special function that will raise you to LEVEL_IMPL.  As to the other
questions, definetly read the code first,  Get a pen, highlighter, and a
notebook and make some notes.

Required circle idea:
how about an area with a set of night monsters that turn into statues
during the day, and a set of day monsters that hide at night, and ecah set
is of a different alignment.

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