Re: zone resets (reply)

From: MUD (
Date: 03/19/96

> Asa far as making it check only that zone.... consider this. You have a
> badass mob, we'll call him 'Bad assd unique mob'. Now for some reason he
> gets out of the zone, wether he's been sumoned, wanders out or hunted
> someone out of the zone. Now the zone repops. He's not in there to be
> counted, hence he loads again. Now you have  *2* 'Bad assed unique mob's
> running around.

Yes, that's the worst point of my idea. And I suppose I can't check if
there was reset command matching to the mobile lurking around in the
other zone just beside the one we were resetting. Possible in fact, but
produces lotsa lag I fear.

> The max_existing works pretty well IMHO, and if you are worried about it
> counting ALL the mobs in the game when a zone resets (thus lagging the mud
> and creating undue cpu useage) it doesnt. It runs through the mobile_index,
No, I was worried about the builders that must calculate the max field
in reset cmd when we got about one thousand copies of a long sword in
the whole world. btw, what's IMHO? Was it the mobile counting system
you are talking about? Yes, that's pretty nice a solution with its
prototypes and counters but that wasn't the point I asked about.
I suppose I have to add a variable to the mob structure to show the zone
number a the mob belongs to. This would prolly help it.


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