Re: zone resets (reply)

From: Hades (
Date: 03/19/96

> No, I was worried about the builders that must calculate the max field
> in reset cmd when we got about one thousand copies of a long sword in
> the whole world. btw, what's IMHO? Was it the mobile counting system
> you are talking about? Yes, that's pretty nice a solution with its
> prototypes and counters but that wasn't the point I asked about.
> I suppose I have to add a variable to the mob structure to show the zone
> number a the mob belongs to. This would prolly help it.

Well if you do that, then it would have to be set upon load-time, which
would work. Hmm. Actually that's a very good idea. When a mob or obj loads,
set it's zone... argh, but then you run into this problem:
When it runs through the mobile_index or object_index, it's looking at the
total number loaded. One thing... aah better idea, here it is:

in structs.h change index_data so instead of
int existing; (whatever the hell that variable is, I fforget it's name)
int existing[whatever you max # of zones are];

that way it can hold a seperate count of the total number of objects.
5 longswords in zone 6 and 7 longswords in zone 8
instead of it just knowing there are 12 longswords, it would know how many
poopped in each zone... so builder A can put longswords with a max existing
of 10 in HIS zone and builder B can put 7 in his zone, and since they will
be tagged as to how many/zone, even if there are 10 sowrds that popped in
builder A's zone, builder B's swords will still pop because it would only
check for the existing number of that prototype that popped in that zone.

I'm gonna implemetn that as soon as I get home from work. Will make life,
and reproducing objects zone-to-zone MUCH easier.

Hope this helped.

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