From: Blake Weaver (
Date: 03/20/96

I am trying to do a simple do_improve function in which the player can simply
type in 'improve <attribute>'  for example "improve str" for improve strength
(obviously).  Anyway this is how I tried to do it...

   one_argument(argument, arg);

   if strcmp(*arg == 'str')
        if (ch->real_abils.str < 18)
                ch->real_abils.str = ch->real_abils.str + 1;
                GET_STR(ch) = GET_STR(ch) - 5;
                sprintf(buf, "Already at 18.\r\n");
and so on and so on for each attribute.
However, when compiled, it doesn't like the line "if strcmp(*arg == 'str')"
and the error message tells me nothing.

Am I simply using the one_argument command wrong or what?

B. Weaver

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