Re: do_improve

From: Brian Gray (
Date: 03/20/96

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Blake Weaver wrote:

> However, when compiled, it doesn't like the line "if strcmp(*arg == 'str')"
> and the error message tells me nothing.

  Wow, don't know what that line would do.  Strcmp() is a function.  It's 
used to receiving two string pointers and returning the difference.  
You're sending it a TRUE or FALSE depending on whether or not the 
character pointed to by arg is equal to the _character_ 'str'.  So first 
off, you want to pass your strings as parameters.  Second, a string is 
delineated by "string" rather than 'string' (you may be in Pascal mode).  
Third, the expression to be evaluated in an if statement must be in 

  if (strcmp(arg, "str")) {...}

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