Re: some initiation problems

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 03/21/96

> Išve found in 2 problems these first days of implemetions
> first of it is that in the autorun and automantain has apeared and * at the end of his name so it appears as autorun* and automantain*
> and since it has happened the files like newplayers, rip, or others like that hasnšt actualice at all

1) Panic
2) type:  man ls
3) read the man page
The shell scripts are set as executable, the '*' is just a flag to make 
it obvious to you.

> second is a mud playing problem išve noticed that a player was playing and at the same time other 
> people tried to connect with the player of the first one and naturaly fails the password
> i case that occurs the two players are kicked out of the game 
> what can i do to kick out just the second one and keep the one playing continue doing it?

This is called a feature...  If you're worried about it, check the 
CON_PASSWORD case of nanny() in interpreter.c

Brian Pape
Reign of Towers

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