Re: Cursed items bug..

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 03/22/96

On Fri, 22 Mar 1996, Orasis wrote:

> I am sure that some of you already know this, but as I was using my mud 
> while invisible, I saw one of the players pick up a cursed item.....then 
> he proceeded to buy a bag, and put the cursed item in the bag and junk 
> the bag along with the cursed item........Is there a fix for this cheesy 
> method of getting around cursed items??

My solution was to check if an item being put into a bag was cursed and 
if so, I just cursed the bag and when a cursed item was removed I checked 
that no more items inside the bag were cursed and if none were, I removed 
the curse from the bag.  The problem I had was with containers that were 
already cursed.  I solved it by using a value as a FALSE/TRUE for curse 
on creation, and if it was set then the bag would not get curse removed 
from it.

Pretty easy to code, really.  Just add an <if> statement to check if the 
object being put in the bag is cursed and if it is, set the bag to cursed 
to do_put (or was it something like perform_put?).  Then when something 
is removed from a bag loop through it's contents and check that nothing 
else in it is cursed and if not, remove the curse from the bag when the 
cursed object is taken out.  It worked for me with no problems (well, I 
haven't actually fiddled with it, so that's a lie, the game compiled 
without any problems resulting from the changes)...

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