Re: abbriviations

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 03/22/96

	I guess I missed this one when it was first posted.  (sorry d. 
hall for sending a copy directly to you).  Anyway, I've 'implemented' 
this (if you can call it that), and I think Jeremy should include it in 
the standard release (3.0).  It's quite simple, in handler.c in the 
functions: get_char_room, get_player_vis, get_char_room_vis, 
get_char_vis, get_obj_in_list_vis, get_obj_vis, and get_obj_in_equip_vis

 	- just replace isname with is_abbrev (in get_player_vis use is_abbrev 
instead of !strcmp).  That should take care of players, mobs and objects.

	- Sean

Sean Mountcastle
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