Re: Cursed items bug..

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 03/23/96

On Fri, 22 Mar 1996, Edward Beheler wrote:

> > I am sure that some of you already know this, but as I was using my mud 
> > while invisible, I saw one of the players pick up a cursed item.....then 
> > he proceeded to buy a bag, and put the cursed item in the bag and junk 
> > the bag along with the cursed item........Is there a fix for this cheesy 
> > method of getting around cursed items??
> Some muds i've played on get around this by not allowing you to
> put cursed items into containers.. alternatively, you could make
> containers more expensive than 'curse removal' scrolls.

Well, I played a MUD that simply cursed the CONTAINER (bag), when you put 
an item in it... The idea here is to check when removing cursed items 
from the bag, if there are still cursed items in it, and allso check 
wether the bag is cursed or not in the .obj files when you remove a 
cursed item from it... alternatively you could make a counter for 
container items with indicated wether or not it was cursed (and monitored 
num. of cursed items in it)... 

It's all up to you.. but this seems pretty much obvious to me, to be the 
best solution, all you have to do is to code it *grin*


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