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From: David Blocher (
Date: 03/23/96

>Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but I find the current way in which exp is 
>dealed out at the end of combat to the group is rather 
>stupid......Because if you have a 15th lev and a 1st lev grouped and the 
>15th lev does all the work.....the first lev still gets a crapload of 
>, what I was thinking is that it would make more sense to divide 
>it up by
>the group is a lev 1, 4, and 15....
>you would add the levels of all the members in the group....
>1 + 4 + 15 = 20....and the percentage that each person recieves is equal 
>to thier level divided by the total.
>so the first lev would only get 5% of the exp........
>I am just bringing this up, because maybe jeremy would consider changing 
>this in the releases of circle.......
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Here's another tidbit you might want to think about,
We have capped the amount of exp an char can get for a kill
to 1/20 of what he needs to gain next level.  This is on a mud
with 100 mortal levels so 1/20 might be different.
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