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From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 03/24/96

On Sat, 23 Mar 1996, Orasis wrote:

> Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but I find the current way in which exp is 
> dealed out at the end of combat to the group is rather 
> stupid......Because if you have a 15th lev and a 1st lev grouped and the 
> 15th lev does all the work.....the first lev still gets a crapload of 
>, what I was thinking is that it would make more sense to divide 
> it up by

Well, I agree 100% that the current way of splitting EXP in the circle 
dist. archive isn't very good. But on the other hand it might make life 
easier for some newbies *shrug*. So I'm not going into a big discussion 
here, it seems to be made the easiest way as it is now..

> the group is a lev 1, 4, and 15....
> you would add the levels of all the members in the group....
> 1 + 4 + 15 = 20....and the percentage that each person recieves is equal 
> to thier level divided by the total.
> so the first lev would only get 5% of the exp........
> I am just bringing this up, because maybe jeremy would consider changing 
> this in the releases of circle.......

Yep, right... I made something similar to this... As the mud I imp. allso 
has multiclassed chars. they'll get some extra modifications in the XP 
calculations and stuff... I think the mentioned way makes the splitting 
of XP more even... I mean just because HANIBAL the 30th level warrior 
kicks a 1mil XP mob with GIZMO (the 5th level mage), Gizmo shoudln't get 
500k and level 5 times just for that *grin*.

What i did was to make a few checks in the fight.c and limits.c files, 
and to the group command (act.informative.c I think), to show the split 
'percentage' of the XP to the group...


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