Maybe a bug using port number

From: Han A-Rum (
Date: 03/24/96

I think it's a little bug using the port number.
My unix machine's os is HP/UX 9.0.
I want to set my port number to 5000 and I
changed the set port=4000 line in autorun file
and it just don't changes.It means than when
I changed the port number to 5000 and runed
the autorun file and when I vied the syslog
there was an error that he can't use the port 4000
because I already use port 4000.So I edited the
source file in config.c int DFLT_PORT=4000 to 5000
and recompiled the source and than it worked.
There was a description than when I fix the autorun
file it will overrid the setting in config.c and
it just don't work.But no problem.
It's just a tiny bug,maybe...

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