Re: Linux

From: King of the Pridelands (
Date: 03/24/96

On Sun, 24 Mar 1996, corey hoitsma wrote:

> 	Can someone tell me where I can get Linux??
> 	I need it as shareware or slackware(whatever that is)...
> 	And could someone tell me, maybe, the system requirments
> 	for this?? Like how many megs, etc...
> 	Thanks!

	This is not the right place to post this!  This mail list
is just for CircleMUD questions!!!  <burns your ass with a flame
thrower ;) >
	But anyway, you should buy it from a store, or download
it off, or if you want a 20MEG version with X11
that runs through dos, look in:

Please *don't* mail questions like this to this group!  If anything,
pick out someone who you see on here talking about linux and pester
them <feels tons of emails comming on ;)> ;)



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