Problem with find_skill_num

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 03/24/96

	I may be too tired, but I'm having a problem.  find_skill_num 
always returns the # for 'know animal' even when I ask for 'know demon' 
or 'know human'.  I keeps finding that the first part of the skill 
matches and quits there.  I've re-arranged the args for is_abbrev several 
times now and it still doesn't work correctly.  I'm using 3.0bpl10, and 
I've restored find_skill_num to its original state.  Could someone let me 
know how I can solve this annoying problem?

	Thanks in advance,

	- Sean

Sean Mountcastle
"Make no little plans. They have no Magic to stir Men's blood."
		  - D. B. Hudson

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