Date: 03/25/96

        I am trying to implement flynig on my MUD, and in doing so I mimicked
the boat code (i.e. there is a function called can_fly in act.movement.c now).
I also created an extra spell affect, AFF_FLYING, and a new item type, ITEM_
FLYING.  The MUD boots perfectly and I can create objects of type FLYING, but
if I add to the array of object names in constants.c, (the list of types with-
out the AFF out front) I get a core dump in the boot_db function when it is
resetting all the zones at boot time.  Any ideas?  Am I missing a constant or
a #define somewheres that tells you the number of object types?  I checked in
the structs.h, db.h, and db.c but couldn't figure it out.  BTW, the error I get
in gdb is:

#0  0x2d5da in reset_zone (zone=0) at db.c:1591
1591      for (cmd_no = 0; ZCMD.command != 'S'; cmd_no++) {

and this is the boot-up message I get:

Mon Mar 25 16:44:19 :: Deleting timed-out crash and rent files:
Mon Mar 25 16:44:20 :: Done.
Mon Mar 25 16:44:20 :: Resetting (null) (rooms 0-0).
[1]    Segmentation fault   bin/circle -m (core dumped)

Any ideas, suggestions, or comments would be sincerely appreciated.
Thanks in advance...

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