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From: Robert Clark (
Date: 03/25/96

At 10:07 AM 3/25/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, Zero wrote:
>> I dont know if the original sender of the message about queing wether 
>> events was thinking about this also but it would be helpful to que 
>> things like tells or gossips when they are editing or something.  I 
>> have been on a mud that had implemented this but i am not quite sure how 
>> to dd it in, any suggestions? 
and then comes out of
>it to receive the Q, ready scrollback key boys, cause here it comes
>heh, i just put a flag on a builder while he/she building, show it in 
>who list, politely refuse tells, etc.. seems to work ok
The way I've seen it implemented is this way:

You que the messages, whichever messages you want to save in a circlular ;) que
(oh say 20 messages long) then you make new commands like "showshout",
etc. It displays these messages.  The easiest is of course shout and tell since
they are much easier to capture and you could use a global data structure. Tells
would be a bit more complicated since you would have to do that for all players.
Alternatively, (to the new command option) you could make a second arguement
for shout,tell etc...I've seen this done also...

Bob, the Lazy Coder...

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