From: Michael J. Cunningham (
Date: 03/25/96

I was wondering, why does circle mud go into sleeping mode and
running mode back and forth, and what exactly is sleeping versus
running mode. I think we are having a problem with the mud locking
up on us for about 30 seconds everynow and then, I can tell this
because if I am logged into the machine the mud runs on and 
occasionally the mud locks up, I can still type noramlly on the 
machine telnet, but nothing is occuring during the mud telnet.
I have looked over any code added for the past few months for infinate
loops or cpu intensive task but nothing is poping up. Doing
a top while on the machine during one of these lockups shows no 
dramatic increase in cpu usage that would bring it to a halt.

Even users local to the machine ie: telneting in on the machines 
subnet have encountered these lockups. Anyone have any ideas
or had a similar problem on their mud? I am not using any blocking
functions like ident that I know of. Please help... I am really 
starting to worry.

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