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From: Kevin Hoogheem (khooghee@marys.smumn.edu)
Date: 03/26/96

I was wondering if anyone was interested in a arena system that I  
have writen.  it is a fully automated system were players go to
an arena for fun fighting.  They do not gain or loose exp points
Other players can ben on anyone in the arena.  It requires some  
fiddlying with the do_hit and do_kill code. and some in fight.c
other wise it is a pretty easy drop in to the circle code.
This also has a arena hall of fame so you can see who has won the
arenas in the past.  If there is some interest I will write up some
documentation for how to put it into your code then upload it
to cambot
Goon - twist of Fate(cgl.com 4k)

Come and see it in action

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