Re: newbie MudMaster questions.

From: Steve (
Date: 03/26/96

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Mike Thomson wrote:

> 1/ We need a mail/message system that allows the > messages written to
be transported to and from > a Usenet style message base. you'd need to
rewrite the ENTIRE mail/board system :) the best way around this is to
write an external client/shell that will handle it... kinda like tintin++
but when the player types mail <playername> it'll send the mud a "code" to
tell it your afk(in mail) then spawn pine or elm or whatever your mailer
is. this also allows for using MORE/LESS for paging through the mud if you
save all of the messages on local drive space (just have the MUD tell the
client .page /directory/filename , the problem with this is no remote
users because theywont be able to use the client with access to the local 

> 2/ The ability to run external programs and/or
>    "shell out" from the mud.
shelling ou;t would be as easy as telling the mud you're shelled and then
spawning /bin/tcsh or /bin/bash or whatever yourshell is

> Basically, we want the ability to emulate a BBS. Is
> the above easily implemented into CircleMud?

> Any input would be appreciated.
my provider did a similar thing, only he wrote the mud (from scratch) 
based on that it'll be about a BBS... 

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