Re: item

From: Eric L. Helvey (
Date: 03/27/96

> i loaded Ghenna zone,in .obj file,some item have at the end of
> their stat 2 line :
> B
> 2341

> when i lunch autorun,it does  some error and stop the autorun....
> can someone help me?

The B fields are item affection fields, which allow objects to set 
affection bits for a player:  ie, a ring of flying, set the AFF_FLY 
bit, or a shroud of venomous poison sets the AFF_POISON bit.

These affections are neat, but eaily abused by zone creators who 
don't talk and make lots and lots of items with them.  Easiest thing 
to do is probably just go through and take out all the B fields.

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